Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Choosing a Goal

     This class will offer tools for Broadcast Journalism students, as it will introduce some of the latest software used to disseminate information to the public.  I had trouble trying to figure out my goal because I want to make sure that I set off in a direction that will expand my creativity in a practical way while fulfilling the requirements of this class.
     I love the idea of blogging!  Unfortunately, I haven't been exposed to many blogs beyond a handful that cover the Lakers season.  Yes, this has been a guilty pleasure for the past few years.  I do read the news, though!  I frequent LA WEEKLY, and, when it was free, I read Los Angeles Times daily.  Truthfully, I need to be more informed about world affairs, and hopefully with this course I hope I can learn to channel topics relevant to me.  This blog could be used as a journal, I suppose.  The mere act of posting my writings to the public is not something I'm entirely comfortable with just yet, but it's encouraging to know an entire class is taking the same leap along with me.
      I am thinking about covering the electronic music production community.  Although my major is film and television, I'm a novice at producing music.  One of my goals is to create sounds that complement my editing of movie sequences.  The first step would be to explore some of the blogs out there, covering topics such as software, genres, events and lifestyle.  As a matter of fact, there is an event tomorrow night in East Los Angeles.  Two musicians will have their laptops synched, and they'll play dance music while using Ableton Live.  I have a recorder, and plan on writing and taking photos.
     Hopefully, by the end of this week a choice of software will be posted.  Tonight's class will help me out some.  I'd like to know what other students think about doing.  By the way, if there are others who are looking for feedback, I give great feedback.  Exchanging ideas is mutually beneficial.


  1. Here's the latest project's link: http://tinyurl.com/9qrgwcr

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  3. Alejandro, as we've discussed, I think your idea for covering music composition, esp. with new technology, is an interesting one. Why don't you do a sample posting? You don't have to cover everything in one post. Just find one topic that is interesting and go with it.
    One idea: in your post, list the 4-8 most popular electronic music programs, with your reviews of them and invite electronic (and other) composers to comment?

    Another idea: review the most recent release of an important piece of software needed for commercial music production.

    Keep writing!

  4. I prefer the music idea over the food idea. There is good food in Los Angeles but the music research is easier to do from a computer.